About Me

I’m an American lawyer who in 2017 decided to pick up her life and move to Austria to be with her boyfriend.  While that might sound romantic to some, it was the hardest and most challenging thing that I have ever done in my life.  Although I left my family and friends behind in the States, I’ve been lucky to experience many things that I otherwise would never have had the opportunity to.  From skiing to natural hot springs to Vienna and Salzburg, Austria has many great things to see, do, and experience.  It hasn’t been all fluffy kittens though.   Learning a new language is hard, especially when you are learning one (German) that no one actually speaks on a day to day basis (Austrians speak a German dialect).  By writing this blog, I hope to help myself and others explore and learn about what it’s like to be an immigrant in Austria–a place I now call home.