It’s Monday What are you Reading? April 22, 2019

I’m joining the Book Date It’s Monday What Are You Reading?


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them by Newt Scamander (aka J.K. Rowling). I have not yet written a review about this book.

The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater. Please see my review here.


Sleeping Beauties by Stephen King. I’ve been reading this book (paperback) since February 25, 2019, and I am currently on page 283. I originally bought this book for my trip to Japan and China in late February, early March. I guess that I have set this book aside in favor of some other books, but I should get back into it. So far I like it, but I guess it is not as stimulating as I thought, if I still haven’t finished it almost 2 months after starting it.

Year One by Nora Roberts. I’ve been reading this book (kindle) since February 10, 2019. I rented this book from the library several times to date, and sometimes the loan expires so I have to renew (and wait on a waiting list). This book is a little slow, so I am not really so enthusiastic about it.

The Iliad by Gareth Hinds. I’ve been reading this graphic novel (PDF) since April 6, 2019. I received this graphic novel as an ARC from Netgalley. I can only read this novel on my computer (it doesn’t look right on my kindle). Since I normally do most of my reading while in bed (or via audiobook), it is taking me a lot longer to finish this novel (even though it is rather short).

I’ve Never Met a Dead Person I Didn’t Like by Sherrie Dillard. I’ve been reading this book (kindle) since April 9, 2019. I received this book as an ARC from Netgalley. I currently read this book before bedtime, and am about 50% complete.

Everything I never Told You by Celeste Ng. I’ve been listening to this audiobook since April 18, 2019. I am about 2.5 hours into it (with 7.5 hours to go). I am enjoying it so far. I really like Celeste Ng. I read another book of hers last year, Little Fires Everywhere. My review is here.


The Dream Thieves by Maggie Stiefvater. This is the 2nd book in the series, coming after The Raven Boys. This will be (hopefully) the next audiobook that I read. I am currently on the holds list at the library. I have had this book on my TBR list since 2012, so it is about time that I read it.

Wizard and Glass: The Dark Tower IV by Stephen King. This will be the next paperback book that I read after finishing Sleeping Beauties. I saw this book in a used book store in Amsterdam and knew that I had to have it. I have already read the first three books in the series, but the library did not have the audiobook of the 4th book.

Blink of an Eye by John H.K. Fisher. This will be the next kindle book that I will read. I received this book as an ARC from Netgalley.





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