Friday 56, September 9, 2022

Welcome to Friday 56! Hosted by Freda’s Voice, you turn to page 56 or 56% in any book or reading device and pick a sentence that grabs you.

I wake, heart racing, skin cold and damp. My eyes snap open on a dark room, jumping from an unfamiliar door tot he outline of a window to the snoring lump beside me.

Libby. The relief is intense and immediate, an ice bucket dumped over me all at once. The whirring of my heart starts its signature post-nightmare cooldown.

Libby is here. Everything must be okay.

Book Lovers by Emily Henry

The above quote is taken from page 56 of Book Lovers. At this point in the story, Nora and her sister Libby are on vacation in the small town of Sunshine Falls, the location of Nora’s client’s best selling romance novel. We have some background on the sisters — their mother died when they were young, leaving Nora to take care of her younger sister Libby, sacrificing her dreams in the process. Nora has some unresolved grief surrounding their mother’s death, and it sometimes manifests itself in nightmares.

Libby insisted on this vacation to get away from her husband and children for 4 weeks — Libby is pregnant again and just wanted some “me time” before the baby is born. There must be something going on with Libby and her husband but we don’t know what it is yet. Nora, the workaholic has been roped into going because she feels guilty for not being there for Libby in the recent past — and feels that there is a distance growing between them.

I’m very interested to see where this is going.

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