Jægersborggade, Copenhagen

Once ruled by gangs, this cute little street in Copenhagen has been taken over by unique shops, including artist galleries, second-hand clothing stores, organic eateries, and cafes.

My boyfriend and I spent hours on this street, just popping into the little shops and browsing.  On the weekend there are limited hours (sometimes only 11-2pm), so if you plan to visit, you should pay attention to the opening hours.

Some of our favorites:

1. The Coffee Collective: Roastery and Coffeebar


Copenhagen is much more expensive than in Austria.  In Austria, a good latte can be purchased for around €3-€4 at a cafe.  In Copenhagen, we spent around €6 per latte.  Since I cannot eat gluten, I left it to my boyfriend to try the Danish pastries.  The one depicted below is basically a cinnamon roll, which I am told was delicious.  And, since I am addicted to Kombucha, I had to try the coffee Kombucha.  It had a very unique flavor which I will definitely have to try to recreate at home.


2. Sneakers and Coffee

We didn’t drink any coffee here, nor did we end up buying any sneakers (even though my boyfriend spent a considerable amount of time agonizing over whether to buy a pair or not), but we thought the concept was really cool and fun.


3. Beyond Coffee

Okay, I realize that this is yet another coffee shop, but this place had a twist.  At Beyond Coffee they sell mushroom growing kits.  The mushrooms grow in used coffee grinds!  Since i love both mushrooms and coffee, I thought this place was super cool.  While we didn’t buy a kit (not sure whether we could take it through customs) we did buy a coffee cup made from used coffee grounds.


4. Ro Chokolade

This place had great hot chocolate and other chocolate confections.  I wanted to try the Aztec hot chocolate (with spicy chili), but I was so full from brunch at Social that I couldn’t fit anything in my stomach other than the small macron.  As chocolate macron’s go, I have had better in both Linz and Bratislava, but it was still very good.


Here is a general idea of what chocolates you can buy:


5. Ruben Og Bobby

While this place isn’t exactly on the street (it is around the corner), I just had to share because I think it is super cool.  It is a barber shop and arcade in one!  Yes, you guessed it, you can get your hair cut while playing old school /retro arcade games!


Located in the basement, this barbershop is crammed full of retro / nostalgic toys and video games from the 80’s and 90’s.  They even had boxes full of pogs and shelves full of old figurines.  It was like stepping back into my childhood.



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