The 52 Book Club’s 2023 Reading Challenge: February, 2023

What is the challenge?

The 52 Book Club’s annual reading challenge is made up of 52 unique prompts. (You may have heard it described as 52 books in 52 weeks.) The goal is to match one book to each prompt. This means that participants will read a total of fifty-two books throughout the year. We encourage participants to try new authors or genres, push themselves to read more, read differently, and get creative with it!

The Challenge:

Books I’ve Read So Far:

Prompt 5: Title Starting with the Letter “I”
Prompt 6: Under 200 Pages
Prompt 45: First Word in the Books is “The”
Prompt 49: Books on the Cover
Prompt 50: Related to the Word “Murder”
Prompt 51: Doesn’t Fit Any of the Other 51 prompts
Prompt 52: Published in 2023

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