BOOK REVIEW: Elevation by Stephen King


Elevation is a novella with two separate stories which take place in Castle Rock. The first story is called “Elevation”, and is basically about a man who keeps losing weight, although he doesn’t change in appearance. Additionally, anything that he holds or touches has no weight while he is in contact with them. This story reminded me a little bit of “Thinner” by Stephen King.The second story is called “Laurie” and is about a widower who gets a new puppy from his sister. At first he doesn’t want the dog, but as most dogs do, she worms her way into his heart. “Laure” is a bonus story which is only available on the Audiobook and is not included with the written book.

Although I liked this novella, I think that it lacked in the scary or eerie elements that usually are Stephen King’s trademarks. Since the stories were so short, you also do not really get so invested in the characters.

However, since Stephen King is one of my favorite authors, I would always recommend to read his books. If you are looking for a quick holiday read (the Audiobook took about 4-5 hours), this would be a good one.

Check out this book on Goodreads: Elevation


2 thoughts on “BOOK REVIEW: Elevation by Stephen King”

  1. I’m confused- I got a copy of this book from the grocery store shortly before Christmas, and it was only one novella-length story about a guy with a bizarre weight-loss condition befriending his lesbian neighbors. The copy I bought didn’t have another story with a widower adopting a puppy in it. Maybe you got a different edition than I did? :/ (btw, I felt the same way about the story we both read, it was overall pretty so-so.)


    1. Maybe it was a different edition. I “read” the Audiobook. I googled it and Amazon states for the Audiobook: “Stephen King reads his latest novel – plus a bonus story, “Laurie,” unavailable in book form!”


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